Tehran proudly presents human rights abuses

The prosecutor general of Tehran, Mr. Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi, is proud of his accomplishments during the last year. According to him, between March and December 2016, his agents have raided 65 mixed-gender parties (participants are usually arrested and flogged), confiscated 200,000 liters of local alcohol and 29,800 bottles of imported alcohol, destroyed 926 satellite dishes (no freedom of information) and confiscated 2.37 million “anti-cultural” items in Tehran alone. Dowlatabadi is now focusing on celebrities who are breaking these laws in order to make an example out of them. All of this is done despite the fact that President Rouhani has stated that “we don’t have the right to interfere in people’s private or public lives…People should feel that their public rights and freedoms are respected”. No respect, Mr. Rouhani, no respect.




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