Tehran’s vicious war on the fashion industry

In March 2016, the Iranian authorities began out a crackdown on members of the fashion industry under charges such as “promoting corruption and depravity”, “promoting promiscuous Western culture”, “destroying society’s religious norms” etc… The crackdown began in Tehran and then spread to other cities. The victims of this crackdown included models, photographers, make-up artists, hair-dressers, bloggers etc… Since it’s Iran, there is no way of knowing exactly how many “suspects” were arrested (the unofficial estimates is several hundreds) or even what happened to them. All were harassed and interrogated, Some issued public apologies, some were stripped of their work-permits, some fled Iran and the misfortunate ones were sentenced to jail. In the town of Shiraz alone, 12 “suspects were sentenced to jail for 5 months to 6 years. Unfortunately, there will be many more who will follow them to jail.



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