A Sunni cleric is harassed for visiting families of mass execution

Visiting the relatives of people who are executed in Iran is dangerous business: Hassan Amini is an Iranian Sunni cleric who decided to visit some families of victims of a mass execution of 20 Sunni prisoners on august 3ed 2016. He went to sympathize with the families because he claimed that the victims “had been denied the most basic religious and legal rights to have a lawyer and defend themselves in an open trial”. What he didn’t realize was that by visiting the families of the executed, he was putting himself in danger and , sure enough, a knock on his door preceded two days of interrogations and efforts to make him sign a pledge to stop visiting the families (which he refused to do). But Amini is still not off the hook – the authorities are bound to monitor him and bring him back in for questioning the next time he does something which might anger them. So much for equality among minorities, the freedom of speech and the freedom of the individual



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