UN slams Tehran for unfair trials

The UN has issued another report on human rights in Iran, this time focusing on Tehran’s judiciary and the plight of dual nationals, such as British-Iranian Nazanin Ratcliffe who was sentenced to 5 years in jail for “secret charges” in a closed-door court: “Sentencing individuals for charges that are kept secret from defendants and their defense lawyers is a mockery of justice”. Iran’s FM Javad Zarif was quick to respond by claiming that the foreign office had no control over the “independent judiciary” but he failed to point out that, in Iran, the judiciary is heavily influenced by the regime as one judge who stated, when asked why a sentence on a political activist was so harsh: “We are under pressure from the Revolutionary Guards”. Nazanin Is not in jail for some imagined crime – she is in jail because she is a pawn in internal political conflicts and in foreign relations as well. https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20161008-un-calls-on-iran-to-release-prisoners-held-on-dubious-charges/


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