Tehran adds racial opposition to UN rapporteur

Tehran never did accept the fact that the UN appointed a special rapporteur on human rights in Iran. The last rapporteur, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, wasn’t even allowed into the country and every report he issued, criticizing the state of human rights in Iran, was dismissed by Tehran as “politicized lies”. When Shaheed resigned, the UN replaced him with Ms. Asma Jahangir and this created a furor in Tehran: not only were they disappointed that the UN continued to appoint a special rapporteur for Iran but Jahangir, it turns out, is an “Ahmadiyya” Muslim, but the men in Tehran prefer to use the derogatory term of “Qadiani” to describe the religious denomination which is regarded in Iran as a heretic sect. Perhaps the mullahs in Tehran also were angry that Jahangir is a woman but they were smart enough to not voice such thoughts. The very fact that Jahangir is being rejected by Tehran over sectarian issues, together with the fact that Tehran is a serial oppressor of minorities, religious and ethnic (Sunnis, Baha’is, Christians, Kurds etc…) only exemplifies the need for a special rapporteur in Iran.



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