Iranian torturer acquitted & victims speak up

It’s a known, yet unofficial fact, that political “criminals” in Iran are sometimes tortured during their investigations in the hope of eliciting a confession or some damming information on their friends. This is especially true for all of the protesters during the 2009 protest in Iran. But all accusations against the state for the pain and suffering resulting from these tortures are ignored and denied by the regime. That’s why it came as a complete surprise that, following an attempt by some of his victims to sue him for the torture and murder for which he was acquitted despite overwhelming evidence against him, Tehran’s prosecutor offered them an apology. At least one of the victims, Reza Zoghito, refused his apology, claiming that his “apology is an insult”. He also shed some details of his horrifying experience adding that after being tortured, claiming he was sent to another prison for a few weeks and was treated for his wounds so that “the torture marks on our bodies were not so visible”.


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