Free Homa Hoodfar from Iranian prison

Homa Hoodfar is a Canadian-Iranian professor who was arrested over 100 days ago in Iran while visiting family under charges which remain vague and are reportedly “dabbling in feminism” and “attempting the soft overthrow of the regime”. Her fate is similar to that of Nazanin Ratcliffe who was convicted to five years in jail over “secret charges” in a closed court headed by the “hanging judge” Abolghassem Salavati, Homa’s lawyer. She, like Nazanin, has no contact with her lawyer and barely any contact with her family in Iran or back home in Canada. Her health is deteriorating rapidly and she was taken to hospital being “barely able to walk”. The UN has called on Tehran to free her: “Iran is breaching its national constitutional principles by arbitrarily arresting and detaining people for simply expressing their opinion and conducting academic research”. Please sign one of the following petitions to free Homa: or and visit the #FREEHOMA website at


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