Tehran to the West: “be thankful for executions”

Yep, as execution rates soar in Iran under the presidency of the “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani, Javad Larijani, the chief of human rights in Iran, has decided that the best defense is offence:

The rising executions should be viewed as a “positive marker of Iranian achievement” and a “great service to humanity”. Why? Because according to his own statements, at least 70% of the executions in Iran are drug-related, implying that executing drug dealers, illegal according to the UN, is saving lives in the West.

Not true says, Mohammad Bagher Olfat, the deputy of the Judiciary in Iran: “The death penalty does not deter drug traffickers so far, and we have announced this in a letter to the Head of the Judiciary (Javad Larijani’s brother, Saddeq Larijani).

Larijani decided to ignore this fact and accused Western governments and leaders of “involvement with the vast drug networks” and “benefiting from their enormous revenues for political, offensive, and even terrorist activities”…that’s a strange accusation coming from a regime with proven ties to drug smuggling directly or through its proxy, Hizbolla.



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