20 Sunni Kurds hanged in Iran in one day

With too much self-justification, the authorities in Iran have executed 20 Kurds accused of “terrorism”. According to the authorities, these men have all “committed murder… killed women and children, caused destruction and acted against the security and killed Sunni religious leaders in some Kurdish regions”. According to the people being executed, their real crimes were “being Kurdish, being Sunni and opposing the regime” as an Iranian judge told Shahram Ahmadi, one of the executed. According to his testament, “The official charge levelled against me is possessing weapons – but I didn’t have any weapons with me, not even a small knife…I didn’t do anything or kill anyone. All we did was to complain that (the authorities) are insulting our religion, our language and our people”. The truth, like the word “terrorism”, depends from whose perspective you are looking, but two things are certain: 1) the execution of these Kurds leaves no room for a retrial and 2) capital punishment has increased under Rouhani.



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