Another visiting dual-national busted in Tehran

Iranian authorities have confirmed the “detention” of an Iranian-American who was visiting family in Iran although they did not mention who it is. In all probability, the man in question is Robin Shahini, an American-Iranian man from San Diego who went to visit his ailing mother in Iran (she suffers from Alzheimer). His girlfriend claimed that he suddenly disappeared from contact and that she was scared that he had been arrested because of his criticizing the oppression of human rights by the regime in Iran on facebook. Shahini joins a long list of dual nationals who made the mistake of visiting their families in Iran only to be arrested: these include Homa Hoodfar (Canadian-Iranian), Nazanin Ratcliffe and her daughter (British-Iranian), Siamak Namazi and his father Baquer Namazi (American-Iranians), Bahman Daroshafaei (British-Iranian), Mostafa Azizi (Canadian-Iranian), Seraj Mirdamadi (French-Iranian), Hossein Nouraninejad (Australian-Iranian), Saeed Razavi Faghih (French-Iranian), Sajedeh Arabsorkhi (French-Iranian), Hamid Babaei (Belgian-Iranian), Masoumeh Gholizadeh (Turkish-Iranian) and many more. Iran does not recognize dual nationalities and once they are arrested, they can have no contact with their embassies. All of these people are arrested on political charges including the usual charges of “spying”, “spreading propaganda”, “insulting the sacred” etc…and as with all political prisoners, they are usually denied the “privilege” of meeting their lawyers, are denied contact with their families and are in some cases, denied medical treatment. Since the chance for a fair trial is nil, they will be sentenced to long prison terms or even execution and their only hope is that they will be traded in a prisoner swap in the near future.


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