#FreeNarges campaign supported by 100,000 Iranians

Narges Mohammadi is an Iranian human rights activist and a political prisoner who was sentenced to 16 years in jail. The charges against her include the usual “propaganda against the state”, “national security” etc…, charges which usually mask the real “crime” of criticizing the regime, as well as establishing an organization to abolish the death penalty in Iran. She is a mother of two children living in Paris and she has been allowed to speak to them only once since being imprisoned 14 months ago. She is in poor health and the fact that she is on hunger strike is only creating more health problems. There is a global campaign to pressure the regime in Iran to free her or at least allow her to have contact with her children. Over 100,000 brave Iranians joined the campaign at the peril of being arrested (Twitter is illegal in Iran and supporting a political prisoner is a crime as well). Please join the campaign – one minute of your time, two to three clicks and you can help save her.

https://www.iranhumanrights.org/2016/07/freenarges-tweetstorm/ and https://twitter.com/UnitedForNarges


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