Iran’s Human Rights Chief Javad Larijani perfect world

Iran’s Human rights Chief, Javad Larijani not only denies that “human rights are not respected in Iran” he believes that Iran’s human rights “record is one of the best whether in terms of democracy or in terms of the judicial system”. As far as Larijani is concerned, there are no problems of human rights in Iran and all those Iranians who are rotting in jail or were executed for trying to exercise basic freedoms such as the freedom of speech, the freedom to criticize and oppose the regime, the right to a fair trial, the right to differing sexual inclinations etc… simply do not exist. The problem is that no one apart from Larijani, and perhaps some other Iranian leaders, can even get close to buying into Larijani’s empty rhetoric. In fact, the UN has issued scathing report after report on the problems of human rights in Iran but instead of trying to deal with these accusations, Larijani prefers to call these reports “politically motivated” and a “tactic” to pressure Iran.


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