Evin prison cancels all temporary leaves after Hashemi-Kamalabadi scandal

The Iranian regime is still fuming over the visit by former President Rafsanjani’s daughter, Faezeh Hashemi, to Baha’i activist Fariba Kamalabadi while she was on temporary leave from prison. The reason for the scandal is the regime’s racist attitudes and oppression of the Baha’i people in Iran. As the political storm raged on, the warden at Evin prison joined in by cancelling any further temporary leaves by all women inmates. It is unimaginable that not only was such a visit deemed so dangerous by the regime, including her father, but that such a cruel collective punishment is 100% politically motivated. Here’s a link to a petition to free Kamalabadi – https://www.gopetition.com/petition/43035.html.



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