Political storm over Rafsanjani visit to Baha’i prisoner proves discrimination

The Baha’is are the most persecuted minority in Iran due to their religion, Baha’ism, which is deemed to be a “deviant” and “fake” faith by the Iranian regime. In 2010, 7 Iranian Baha’i leaders were sent to 20 years in jail for trumped up charges of spying for Israel, “insulting the sacred”, “spreading propaganda” and more. Last week, one of these prisoners, Fariba Kamalabadi, was released from jail for a few days and was paid a visit by an ex-cellmate Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani, the daughter of ex-president Rafsanjani, a former MP and a human rights activists. Her visit was immediately condemned by the judiciary, by hardliners and by her own father. She is being threatened with charges of conspiring against Islam but she has bravely said that she doesn’t regret her visit to Kamalabadi and is ready to take responsibility for doing so. The uproar surrounding Rafsanjani’s visit to Kamalabadi only serves to emphasize just how racist the regime in Iran really is.



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