Iranian female journalist is beaten in prison and receives a ten year sentence

Afarin Chitsaz is an Iranian journalist who was arrested on November 2nd, 2015, along with many other journalists in the crackdown following the signing of the nuclear deal. In April 2016, she was sentenced to 10 years in jail for “collaborating with foreign governments” and “assembly and collusion against national security.

While in jail, she endureג beatings (with a water bottle) and intense psychological pressure in an effort to force a confession out of her but to this day, she has denied the allegations and there was no hard evidence procured to the court of her “crimes”.

Her mother is desperate for the wellbeing of Afarin: “For six months Afarin was held in a solitary 2-meter by 1.75-meter cell. She was allowed fresh air only twice a day for half an hour in the ward’s courtyard surrounded by walls. In the entire six months she wore the same clothes in which she was arrested. They wouldn’t allow us to give her fresh clothes.”


12 thoughts on “Iranian female journalist is beaten in prison and receives a ten year sentence

  1. Its inhuman to treat women in this way.The govt should produce proof of her anti national conduct or free her immediately


    1. Oh, so it’s humane to treat men this way? Yeah, tell that to the Iranian govt – free her immediately! Let’s see if they listen to you


    1. I’m not ashamed to say I’m Iranian. Quite the contrary. We have managed to keep most of our civility despite 4 decades of despicable and dictatorially Mullah rule that has done it’s utmost to take us back to some stone age Islamic state while they fill their own pockets (meaning their Swiss bank accounts and those billions of dollars will vanish the same way Gaddafi’s and other dictators money did). Finders keepers.

      But I admit being from Turkey or many Arab countries has never been a feather in their cap. While Iran has enjoyed centuries of economical and cultural exchange with the world (which is a must to grow culturally) those countries have barely started that journey which will take a century to give any fruit.

      This is one of the darkest periods of our nation’s history but we are resilient and wont give up. When these Mullahs are gone so will Islam be. FOR EVER. We will go back to our own religion with it’s peaceful culture that we had before Islam, and will never look back.


  2. Soon the”LIGHT” that is from “the beginning ” will shine upon every evil dark deed that is committed by these so called authoritarian practices of justice, and will expose ALL that is thought to be hidden . There is not nor ever was neither shall be a human being that has the insurmountable authority of having the LAST word only the “WORD” of the creator can achieve this. God bless this lady! And others with like plights AMEN.


  3. Muslim justice? It amazes me how inhumane justice is in mideastern countries. By enlarge these arab countries have a perverted justice for their own people. It is rule by fear and intolerance. If you try to voice your opinion you are arrested. Freedom of speech my Axx. Top of the list for injustice includes Saudi Arabia and the gulf states. One law for the drunken sex perverted sheiks and tow the line to everyone else.


  4. We have sorry no justice in mideasteven or this holy world and also no freedom. We are Arabs have a big problem with peoples who are in our governments that USA bring them to destroy and to give a bad pictures about Arabs .we are Arabs good people and peaceful but same time we have no justice in our countries. ..


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